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Financing Information

The FDA approved TMS Therapy in 2008 for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder under specific circumstances. Approval by the FDA is necessary in starting the process of enacting insurance coverage policies. To date there are many insurance providers who offer some coverage of TMS, with more added every year. However, this process is notoriously slow and complex and takes some time.

  • We highly recommended that patients work directly with their insurance companies to determine coverage for TMS Therapy. Contact your insurance company before your first visit to see if TMS Therapy is a covered benefit.  Health insurance is notoriously difficult to navigate.  The responsibility for proper understanding of insurance coverage falls on you the patient.  However, you are not alone. Our office can help answer any questions for you or your insurance provider as well as provide any necessary paperwork.

We also recommend patients connect with Advanced Care Card, a company that helps with patient financing and can extend a line of credit in case insurance does not cover medical expenses.

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